Immer Ärger mit dem Mähnenspray? -

Always trouble with the mane spray?

Who doesn't know it - the bottle is still one third full and can't be used well anymore.

Most bottles pump the liquid through a small tube inside. If you hang the hose into the void, you pump it in vain. The only thing you notice is a breeze of air. Annoying!
Especially the problems appear when you try to spray with the bottle over your head. Usually this doesn't work out well at all.
Result - the dirty horse belly remains dirty then probably because one simply cannot spray it properly.
The mood is great when the bottle still drips to all abundance. There is sticky liquid everywhere that causes chaos in the cleaning bag.
It's not only bothering you - it's also getting on our nerves.
We have therefore designed a spray with a bottle that works with negative pressure.
The bottle can be taken therefore without problem also up to the last bit and sprays class also over head. 360° area of application creates the "miracle bottle" thus perfectly.
So that one does not drag oneself to death at the everyday life or on the tournament the size is beautifully handy. Our spray fits well into the cleaning bag or the cleaning case without weighing too much or taking up too much space.

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