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What is a saddlepad?

What is a saddle pad and what makes it work?

The saddle cloth is used to protect your horse.
It is placed between the horse's back and the saddle to protect the horse's back from saddle pressure.
A well lined saddle pad that has a comfortable padding without causing the saddle to slip is ideal.

The saddle pads themselves can always slip due to the riding swing. Therefore the saddle pad is attached to the girth straps of the saddle with the help of strips. The saddle pads also have girth loops to secure the position of the saddle pad.

But rather than only the necessary protection, the beautiful optics for the perfect outfit is particularly looked for.

Important are durable fabrics and a good quality finish. Furthermore the saddle pad should be breathable for a good work with your horse.

Depending on saddle and riding style, the requirements and cuts of the saddlecloth differ.

Very common are saddle pads with the cut dressage (D / DL) or the cut eventing (VS / VSS).

Often, saddlecloths with the cut eventing are no longer clearly separated from the cut jumping, so that this type of saddlecloth can often be found in combination as eventing/jumping or the saddlecloths are cut so that they fit under both saddle types.

The classic sizes are Warmblood and Pony. Saddle pads in Cob do not usually exist, as the size of the saddle pad is usually determined by the saddle used.

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