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Why grain-free?

Our apple PUR treats are made without grain.
Does that make sense?

Grain is natural and probably the most elementary nutrition besides grass or hay. There is no doubt that cereal products are by no means bad. But from our own experience there are situations in which nutrition can be problematic.

So feeding without cereals is not nonsense!

The own mare stood longer in the clinic. In this context we had auh big problems with the feeding. One would like to motivate the horse so that it gets well again quickly. Feeding is often one of the things that, no matter how badly the four-legged friend is, still allows some motivation through the positive reinforcement.

However, apples and carrots do not fit so well in the trouser or jacket pocket.

The "normal" treats are unfortunately often with cereals. Especially when the horse is not allowed to move that much anyway, this is sometimes an unfavourable situation.

This can be remedied with the cereal-free treats zumintes. In addition, they taste good to the little horses and are quickly stowed away in the jacket pocket. Spontaneously a small reward is also possible. ;)

The treats without cereals actually make sense de facto and can help especially for example with :

  • Illness or Reha,
  • Incompatibilities & Allergies,
  • Risk groups such as horses and ponies endangered by laminitis
  • or simply the more conscious feeding of treats



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