Was bewegt uns eigentlich? - equifinity.com

What is it that moves us?

There are countless products for horse & rider.

So why even more?

Probably there are times in your life when you get angry when you have bought something and it doesn't live up to its promise. That's how it happened to us. Products for which one was fire and flame have disappointed. Unfortunately, you often can't count on ratings as much anymore. In the end it is a TRY and ERROR principle, which unfortunately has to be followed very often.

Also the problem is often that there are wonderful new products, but sometimes you are not sure whether the development really considered that you want to use the products in everyday life. ;)

We even tried out new gaiters once - the disappointment was great when after the first tournament the once white gaiters were beige and cleaning proved impossible.

Long story short - products should fit! It is important to us that the articles in the assortment are designed with common sense and that they are really easy to use. This is the only way to enjoy them for a long time. :)

Just as you love your horse endlessly, you should also enjoy the equipment!

A mane spray that you can't imagine away from anymore or the new saddle pad with the great colour that you would always like to put on it.



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