Our Story

Who doesn't know it, you buy a product and it doesn't deliver what it promises. That was exactly the impulse for us to found EQUIFINITY. In 2015, we decided to make the thought "This has to be better!"

With a lot of commitment and drive, we developed our first product samples. Many of them did not satisfy our critical eye. Because only when quality and design are at the highest level does a product make it into our range.

And so we are proud to be able to offer you EQUIFINITY products that live up to their promise.

Our Mission


Inspiration for all our products is the infinite affection between rider and horse. We want to highlight this harmony with our products and make it shine. Our vision is to develop unique products with the highest quality and exclusive design.

Our Products

We combine the best materials with excellent workmanship so that every product lives up to our claim.

We firmly believe that high-quality products are loved longer by the buyer and are thus used as long as possible. This also supports the environment.

In every item there is a piece of our philosophy, passion and love.

Inspired by every rider who loves their horse unconditionally, we always do our best to design products with heart and mind. 

Our Team

From riders for riders is also reflected in our team. 

We understand you, your concerns, your wishes and are always happy to receive suggestions.

But you are also part of our team. Your feedback helps us to become even better and to be able to fulfil your wishes even better.

It´s not just a Brand - It´s a Lifestyle!

We focus on quality and elegance.

Both you and your faithful companion should always feel comfortable with our products.

Our team consists of riders or people who love dealing with gentle creatures. Everyone in the EQUIFINITY club is united by their love and joy for their horse. Our products are created to make you shine. A beloved product gives you self-confidence and strength. This feeling of motivation and dynamism makes you grow as a team every day. Don't compromise on quality, fit and finish. 

Let EQUIFINTIY convince you too