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EQUIFINITY VS Hunting Jumping Saddle Pad Mystic Matcha Bowtastic Collection Professionell Cut

EQUIFINITY VS Hunting Jumping Saddle Pad Mystic Matcha Bowtastic Collection Professionell Cut

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The color combination has it in itself!

A radiant green coordinated with dark blue ensures you all the looks.
Green? Isn't that hard to combine?
Not at all - the rich green even looks great on red or brown fur and makes this look a real all-rounder despite the fancy color.

In addition to a delicate silver cord, a beautifully multicolored cord is attached.
Eyecatcher of the BOWTASTIC Collection is the bow. This is attached on both sides, each above the silver vintage metal plate.

  • Logos in silver
  • Cord in silver and silver blue
  • Shimmering outer fabric
  • Strap loop with velcro
  • Quick Dry
  • anatomically shaped
  • especially sweat-absorbing

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100 % Polyester

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    Good fit

    The back line is anatomically shaped so that it fits well on the horse's back.


    Shine and protection
    This saddle pad has a gorgeous matte shimmering fabric. The fabric itself does not take dirt so quickly.


    Well ventilated

    The different layers provide good ventilation and are still well padded and dimensionally stable.

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    Less moisture directly on the back
    Protect the back of your horse from unpleasant waterlogging. through the special layers moisture is better transported away from the back.


    Quick and practical

    The good loop can be changed effortlessly with a Velcro closure. So you can release the saddle pad from the saddle without effort.


    Dryer particularly fast

    The materials used dry faster. So you do not have to wait long until the schabracke is dry again.

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Do not compromise on your equipment. Let the quality and design of the professional line convince you!

Pretty an functional

In this product, the color varies slightly according to light irradiation. Thus it comes to the beautiful shimmering effect!

In addition to the high-quality glossy fabric, attention was paid to particularly sweat-absorbent materials. Belt loops with Velcro also allow an effortless attach to the saddle.

To ensure that you have long enjoyment of the product, we ask you to handle it carefully. This includes a gentle washing according to the specifications as well as a conscious handling in everyday life.